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Four projects of the agency appeared on the website of the Polish portal of packaging design, labels and visual communications. Seasonal design projects for «Lindor» brand, label design for «Parma» line, limited edition of «Gubernskiye» croutons and packaging design for bioyogurts «3K2K» line.
Retro images of ingredients are complemented by a memorable spelling of the naming. The main emphasis was placed on naming, letters of different sizes were used. Below is a spectacular color bar that matches the color of the tincture and the font of the title.
Agency's specialists broadcast the idea of modernity, brightness and a memorable design. The main emphasis was on naming. The secondary idea is an illustration of the main ingredient (mountain ash, cranberries, steppe herbs), which allows you to get information at a glance – what is inside the bottle.
When solving this problem, the agency's specialists broadcast the idea of modernity, brightness and memorable design. The main emphasis was placed on naming. Background design - illustrations of the main ingredients.
A project to update the label design for a series of tinctures got a vote from Sostav. In 2019, the Russian advertising market reached a new level. Bold creative concepts, non-standard approaches, large-scale campaigns are the undoubted trends of this year.
Glazov tincture agency project was included in the annual vote «Results of the Year»
Four projects of the agency on the main page of the Polish design portal
The Hot Dozen of Packaging Marketing of November 2019
Unibe Branding Agency has developed label design for Glazovskiy Distillery
Unibe branding agency has developed a label design for a series of tinctures «Glazov»
The agency's managing director's interview was posted on Favorite Design
The history of the agency begins in 2013, in one of the regions of Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg. Once you realize that you are not doing something, everything you do is no what you want. There is a desire to change something, to improve, to contribute to the improvement of the environment, to watch and create ideas and visual solutions.
Unibe branding agency developed packaging design for Bio Yogurts with cream
The product uses natural ingredients, whole milk, cream and filler, the agency decided to emphasize the naturalness of the product by using a cut-out window on the central part of the cup, through which the first layer of the product is visible.
The agency was tasked with updating the existing design of the line of bio-yogurts under the 3K2K trademark, while maintaining brand awareness. The agency has decided to choose green for the category, which is associated with organic products.
Unibe branding agency has relaunched the line of bio yogurts «3K2K»
Unibe branding agency was founded in 2013 and today provides branding services in the local and foreign markets. The agency offers accumulated expertise, implementing projects for businesses from various fields, from package and label design development to design development for financial and banking services.
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