Russia, Moscow.
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Unibe Branding Agency
We create and develop strong and dynamic brands.

Unibe branding agency was founded in 2013 and today provides branding services in the local and foreign markets. The agency offers accumulated expertise, implementing projects for businesses from various fields, from package and label design development to design development for financial and banking services.
Agency projects are published on Russian and International reputable industry web sites and international print media.

Not an ideal solution for every company. From startups - who steadily hold on to the market, to global companies with a long history of brand and experience. We form our team individually for each project, study the field and analyze the competitive environment. We draw attention to the successful Russian and Western counterparts and the successful implementation of the product.
Our approach
Analytics / Research
- Research
- Focus groups / in-depth interviews
- Quantitative / Qualitative research
Brand Strategy
- Brand positioning and brand platform
- Brand architecture
- Marketing strategy
- Naming development
- Tagline
- Brand legeng
- Trademark registration
Corporate Branding
- Logo
- Brand style elements
- Communication style
- Brandbook
FMCG Branding
- Structural design
- Restyling / Rebranding
- Packaging design
- Design adaptation / SKU
- Guideline
- Preparing files for production (Prepress)
- Multipage editions
- Annual reports
- Author's supervision and maintenance
- 3D modeling
We are proud to work with such brands:
Russia, Moscow

115054, Dubininskaya str, bld. 57/1
tel.: +7 (495) 241 04 82
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