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Group of Companies "RUSAGRO" - is the largest vertical agricultural holding in Russia. Currently occupies a leading position in sugar production, pig farming, plant growing and oil and fat business. The oil and fat business segment of the Rusagro Group of Companies includes two independent areas: the production of sauces and fats (fat plant) and the production of vegetable oil (oil extraction plant). In both areas, the Group occupies a leading position in the market, and products manufactured by the oil and fat division are in demand by both Russian and foreign consumers.
April 2018
In connection with the expansion of the position in the market of the region and the development of new positions, it is necessary to introduce a new trademark. The agency was tasked with designing the "Gotovim Doma" logo and designing the packaging design for the margarine line: Homemade 60%, Creamy 50% and Lightweight 40%.
Package design development
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Russia, Moscow

115054, Dubininskaya str, bld. 57/1
tel.: +7 (495) 241 04 82
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